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I started a free a month trial one month ago. I used the website a few sometimes and tonight supposedly is my final at the free trial. Suddenly i realized that I should cancel my account, when i wanted to log in account/billing section it didn't let me log in by saying: "We are currently experiencing intermittent billing related issues that may impact some features of our website. We are working quickly to resolve the issue. Please try again... Read more

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Unresponsive but very willing to take money from your credit card. I literally had to resort to CLOSING my credit card so that they could STOP. Then after waiting forever, I finally got hold of someone and they told me a refund was not possible even though I had not USED the service nor logged into that account in months. I told them I was interested in being a member for another 12 months AFTER all the traveling I was doing. They still didn't... Read more

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I never even signed up for this *** and they took money from my account! They should be sued and I think I'll go through the motions of making this happen. I'm not sure if anyone is actually even working at the sight. I have made as many calls and inquiries about this place and found very little in the way of them showing that they are remotely concerned about how they change people's accounts or whether they are taking money from people who are... Read more

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Lynda Has a Bad System - Problem with Membership Payment
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Dear Admin, Hi. My name is Sessario Bayu Mangkara. I live in Jakarta and I worked as a freelancer for environmental consulting. I am confusing about my membership status in lynda. I realize that I joined to in July 2016, because I interested with your promotion program. For this situation, I really shocked to the billing of my credit card. To be honest, I am not have a plan to take a course in and I seldom to visit... Read more

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I had to sign up for Lynda for a college class. I've been getting charged for my account which I have not been using for the past two months, and I haven't received a receipt or email at all. I don't understand how you can keep charging and not send ONE email to remind people-VERY BAD business. They hope people forget and continue to charge them. Will NEVER use this service again just because they can't even keep in touch with their customers.... Read more

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The trial period expired over the weekend, and I couldn't get to my work computer for the details of the account so I could cancel. They hit my bank for a full year of something I didn't want at 9:24pm Sunday. Waiting to hear from them if I can cancel, and waiting to hear from my bank if the can stop the payment before my account bounces all over the planet. NEVER deal with these guys - the training looked like JR high level, and I could not... Read more

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Please don't subscribe lynda it's a waste site and deduct money without informing you Read more

Was this review helpful? 1 0 is a thriving scam,read reviews in Pissed customer. I signed up for a free trial for a week,handed over my Visa card number..DUMB and cancelled the following week. Now here comes the big scam: does not confirm your cancellation, no e-mail, so no traces of your cancellation.This allows them to keep on charging you every month for courses you cancelled. I called Visa, explained the situation and cancelled my card. Visa... Read more

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Signed up for the free trail in october of 2015. I never wanted to sign up for any subscription because I thought I would at least try the service first. When the 7-day free trail ended I didnt think much of it as I only used the service for a day or two. Im a student so there isnt much of a budget for a 25$ monthly subscription. I didnt think about until I recently checked out my bank account. Every month since october 2015 Ive been... Read more

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so i had logged in to and they said that you can easily access the lynda 7 day free trial. I logged in and used it for 2-3 days and stopped using it. i agree that i forgot to deactivate my account but that does not mean that they use my details to just charge me without even asking before doing so at least an email asking for confirmation of this. Agreed maybe its your company policy but at least inform the people before charging them.... Read more

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